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Whittle Lane: Sprint to Finish!

Greetings from Kitsap Habitat! We've been busy working on our New Year's resolution to get in shape, and will have exciting news about new leadership soon. In the meantime, we're continuing to do all we can to build and get our families into their homes. We had a home dedication in November and now we're sprinting to the finish to complete the last two homes on Whittle Lane for the Tuliao and the Black-Erhardt families by the end of April. We are down to completing the exteriors and finishing touches, and we're hoping you can help us make it to the finish line on time!

The Tuliaos are one of the Partner Families. Felix, who moved to the U.S. nearly 18 years ago, and his wife, Mercy, have seven wonderful children between them. Then, six years ago, Felix was also able to bring his parents from the Philippines to live with them. It is a truly beautiful story of generations living together, but it has not been without hardships. All eleven members of this multi-generational family have been sharing a three-bedroom apartment, with nearly all of their combined income going to rent. Over the last three years, Felix and Mercy have spent all of their free days on the Habitat build site, completing their "sweat equity hours" required to secure their "forever home." They managed to keep this a secret from Felix's parents for a very important reason: they hope to be able to surprise them with this new home for their 50th wedding anniversary in May!

It is with great hope and enthusiasm we invite you to be part of the celebration and ask that you help us help them make this happen. Donate today so you can contribute to being a part of this surprise! Both Partner Families and Habitat are all working toward the same goal, and we are very excited to be able to make their dreams a reality and we hope you will be too!

Thank you for your consideration and hopeful contribution to their dreams!

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Home Dedication for the Milner's

On November 10, 2018 Tammy and her daughter, Ali, received the keys to their house and are enjoying their home!.

Sunday Savings: New Store Hours!!!

We have heard the community's input!!


The Habitat Store will now be open Sunday's, between 10am and 5pm. Drop off donations will be available from 1030am to 430pm. We hope to see you soon!


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