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How can I buy a Habitat home?

It's important to understand that Habitat for Humanity does not give houses away. We build homes with families who meet our program's qualifications and agree to contribute sweat equity hours building their home. Therefore, each applicant must agree to partner with us in the program, which includes providing all documentation needed as well as attending homebuyer education classes, homeowner workshops and training plus working at least 250 hours for single adult 500 for two adult households of sweat equity. Basic requirements to own a Habitat home are provided at the home ownership information meetings.

What is the first step toward purchasing a new house?

If you are interested in the Habitat for Humanity program, and have reviewed the requirements, the next step is to attend a homeownership application meeting to learn more about our program and fill out an application. These meetings are generally held once or twice a month. To get information about upcoming meetings, please check our website for dates and times.

What is a home ownership application meeting?

These meetings are usually two hours in length, the first hour set aside to explain who we are, what we do, and explain qualifications for homeownership. The second hour, if you chose to stay and feel you would meet the criteria, is set aside to fill out the applications and supplying documents. If you do not have all the documents you will be given additional time to turn them in. Please note childcare is not provided and children may not attend.

What is an affordable mortgage?

Habitat does not want to sell you a home you cannot afford. We sell the homes at no profit based on the costs involved with building the home. Homeowners pay a small down payment. Monthly payments are set not to exceed 30% of your income including taxes and insurance upon time of closing. Each home has a resale restriction to protect Habitat for Humanity's investment. For more details please contact the Program Office.

Will credit checks or background checks be conducted?

Yes. Habitat checks the credit of applicants, we use the amount of debt on the credit report. We also order a criminal background and national sex offender registry checks on all adult household members. A criminal history does not automatically disqualify an applicant; any issues that come up in a background check will be considered on an individual basis. Habitat will verify employment, check credit and make an assessment as to whether Habitat is an appropriate program for the applicant(s).

How do you define "family?" Do I need to have children to be approved?

Habitat serves all types of households and families. A "family" can be singles, couples, partners, families with or without children, multi-generational families, etc. The application selection process is impartial. Familial status, age, race, color, religion, sex, handicap, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origins play no part in the choice.