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Can I complete court ordered community service through Habitat?

Yes! We welcome court-ordered volunteers. However, we cannot accept:

-People with convictions of a violent nature
-People with convictions for sexual offences
-Anyone who has been convicted of a felony in the past seven years

How do I get started?

Before you can volunteer you will need to:

-call the Volunteer Coordinator at 360-479-3853 ext. 108 or email volunteer@kitsaphabitat.org
-provide a written confirmation from the court of the number of community services hours to be completed
-provide the signed court order stating the charges and verdict
-complete a brief safety training and orientation at our office
-complete a volunteer interest form, liability waiver, and community service acknowledgement

What do I have to do as a volunteer?

Depending on your schedule, interests and our current needs you may volunteer in our store or the build site.

You must sign in when you arrive at the work location and sign out when you leave and check the community service box. If you don’t sign in and out on the volunteer sign in sheet, your hours will not be recorded.

Please note: Habitat for Humanity in Kitsap County reserves the right to terminate a volunteer’s service if the participant is in any way unproductive, disruptive, or behaves in a way that negatively impacts the accomplishment of the daily goals.