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Sustainable building

Building a sustainable home doesn't just mean going green - it means creating homes with lasting value that contribute to the productive growth and positive health of the communities in which we live. Habitat for Humanity has a commitment to sustainable building and continuously looks for ways to make homes affordable to live in and affordable to buy.

Energy & Atmosphere

  • We construct 2 x 6 exterior walls to the advanced framing standard, insulated to R30.
  • We install all energy efficient appliances that meet Energy Star Standards.
  • Raised heel trusses accommodate 16" of insulation, which is R49 for the attic insulation.
  • We target 3ACH@50PA for minimizing air infiltration. The Energy Star Standard is 4ACH or less. We achieve this result with attention to detail and very little cost.
  • Each home comes equipped with an energy recovery ventilator to insure quality indoor air.
  • Exhaust fans vent to the exterior and meet Energy Star standards for air flow and noise.
  • A minimum of 60% of the hard wired fixtures shall be Energy Star qualified.
  • Environmentally preferred products

  • We always use certified wood products.
  • We try to use local companies.
  • Paints used by Habitat are certified to have low emissions of volatile organic compounds.
  • Finished floor surfaces are of hard materials. We do not use carpet. We have used tile, cork, linoleum and laminate flooring in projects.
  • All interior stairs have hardwood treads.
  • Water & space heating

  • The heating and hot water are combined into an integrated system.
  • The same water heater also supplies hot water for domestic use.
  • We use a gas-fired tankless or a standing high efficiency gas water heater.
  • Gas-fired tankless water heater (renai) also provides heat to our radiant heated floors.
  • Hot water supply lines are kept short and insulated to a minimum of R4.
  • Low flow faucets are installed meeting the Energy Star standards.